Easy Vegan Chorizo

Vegaaninen härkis-Chorizo

Vegan & chorizo in the same sentence? Oh yes. Be prepared to get your mind blown. This plant-based version of the spicy Spanish classic is so easy to make and so nice, spicy and versatile that you’ll probably find yourself coming back to this recipe more than once… (Speaking from my own experience!)

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Beetroot & quinoa patties

Beetroot Burgers (Vegan) - Feel Good Kitchen

I used to absolutely whole-heartedly hate veggie patties when I was a kid. They would serve them in school and they’d always be the same mushy, tasteless and just plain weird thingy that no one really seemed to enjoy. So naturally I was slightly traumatised and thought all the veggie patties are like that. Thank goodness that’s not really the case, as I’ve later discovered.

Nowadays I believe that great veggie patties are a combination of excellent taste and amazing texture: firm but soft inside, and slightly crispy on top. These beetroot & quinoa patties check all those boxes and happen to be vegan & gluten-free and oh-so-good for you, too.

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Easy Vegan Noodle Soup with Tofu & Sprouts

Easy Vegan Noodle Soup / Feel Good Kitchen

I’ve been craving for hearty, warming noodle soup ever since I enjoyed a lovely bowlful of pho in a random café in London few months ago. After doing a fair share of research on how to replicate this yumminess at home, I came to conclusion that doing it by all the rules would be wayyyy too time consuming for someone who has the attention span of a 5-year-old…

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Video: What I Ate In A Day

What I Eat In A Day #1 - Feel Good Kitchen

Lately I’ve found myself lost in YouTube videos. I’ve never really been much into tv series (it’s seriously difficult to get me hooked on anything with the exception of Breaking Bad!) but YouTube — food related videos specifically — are my soft spot. Especially What I Eat In a Day -type of videos keep me clicking like a maniac.

I love seeing how differently people eat and live, especially on a plant-based diet. It’s really easy to get stuck with your own routines and ways of cooking and eating. Food videos are a great source of inspiration and just by watching them you’ll feel rich in new ideas. If anyone ever suspects that plant-based food is boring or “always the same thing” just tell them to hit YouTube. World will never look the same again.

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 BLUEBERRY BOMB  frozen blueberries, banana, oatmilk, vanilla pea protein powder, spinach, mint & lemon juice🥂 soooo refreshing and perfectly energizing on a beautiful winter day like this ❄️ Hope you're all having a lovely weekend! #vegan #plantbased  Macro bowl from yesterday's dindins ✨ Quinoa, broccoli, brussel sprouts, edamame beans, garlic & lemon kale, avocado and crispy hempnut tofu (cooked with a splash of sesame oil + soy sauce = amazeballs ) and a huuuge dollop of the best store-bought hummus there is, @baba.fi chili hummus  #vegan #plantbased #30minutemeals #vegaanihaaste2017 #vegaanihaaste  Good morning ❤ persimmon + banana + spinach + mint + almond milk smoothie bowls from a while back 〰 #vegan #plantbased
 There's a new Pupu in town.  Vegan salad (tofu + kale + spinach + quinoa + sprouts + lingonberry vinaigrette) from @pupucuisine in test. Super green and super tasty. ✨ #vegan #plantbased #pupucuisine  Sunday means yoga, lots of green tea and my favorite curry revisited ❄️ this lentil & veggie curry is something that I keep coming back to over and over again. If you're feeling like enjoying something hearty & wholesome & delicious, you can find the recipe in the blog archives (ihan paras linssicurry)  Have a happy Sunday! #vegan #plantbased #vegaanihaaste #vegaanihaaste2017  Lunch at @naamkitchen ✨ Ordered the veggie version of the daily lunch - grilled eggplant - and forgot to ask if it was vegan (rookie mistake lol) and obviously the portion arrived with a huge chunk of goat cheese  oooohhh well you live and learn (sometimes multiple times until you learn the lesson but hey repetition is the mother of learning right)  rest of the meal was delicious and they can obviously offer 100% vegan options too. Also the interior is on point, golden cutlery oh ya 🥂 #visithelsinki #naamkitchen